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The committee ensures adherence to university standards and external requirements. It monitors implementation of quality assurance processes, oversees accreditation-related activities, promotes innovation and sharing of best practices, and coordinates with stakeholders for effective quality assurance across all functions.




Vice Chancellor for Quality and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Director of Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness

  • A member from Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Unit

  • Chair/Representative of the QA&PE Committee from each college.

  • Student representative.

Term of office

Two years (Renewable)

Frequency of Meetings

The Quality Assurance & Institutional Effectiveness Committee shall meet at least once at the end of each semester.

Reporting to



  • Monitor implementation of quality assurance processes and procedures to ensure University quality standards are maintained.

  • Ensure through the annual quality/performance effectiveness reports that the implementation of Quality Assurance procedures at various departments and units meet university standards and requirements of the external bodies.

  • Follow up and encourage innovation and sharing best practice in systems and processes across various divisions of GMU.

  • Monitor the accreditation-related processes including internal audit & external evaluation activities.

  • Coordinate with various internal and external stakeholders in implementing the quality assurance processes across all academic and administrative functions as per the performance standards.

  • Sharing best practices and challenges in relation to quality assurance by College QA&PE committee chairs for discussion and appropriate actions.

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